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    Client: ROULARTA - Location: Auditorium 2000, Brussels Expo, Brussels.

    Enjoy culinary delights with Stuart Catering at Trends Gazellen 2017

    Under the header of Trends Gazellen, the editors at Trends have been selecting 200 fast-growing companies that are an integral part of our economic landscape in each province for the past fifteen years. The presentation of the Trends Gazellen 2017 for Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia, took place on 22 March at Auditorium 2000, Brussels Expo in Brussels. Stuart Catering made an impression on the many guests with an exquisite selection of snacks and perfectly mixed drinks.

    As an experienced partner in the organisation of walking dinners, buffets, cocktail parties, pop-up restaurants, pop-up bars, open house days, trade shows and special projects, Stuart Catering has a relaxed and stylish approach. Stuart Catering is not limited just serving food & drinks. Steven Teuwen’s team always provides a unique experience. Collaborating with the client is first and foremost. Not only planning is done with the greatest care; the catering, the total organisation and the operational follow-up of the event are also in the best of hands with Stuart Catering. Quality and originality are always guaranteed; that goes without saying. A great demonstration of that was the presentation of the Trends Gazellen.

    The 550 guests were welcomed at Auditorium 2000 with a bottled cocktail “Bolo’s White Peach Sangria”, accompanied by a variety of ultra-fresh finger foods. After the award, Stuart Catering’s team received top marks for their delicious gourmet cuisine, presented in eye-catching “Mobile Storage Trolleys”.  The icing on the cake was that the guests were served two more savoury snacks as well. As the finale after all that culinary enjoyment, there was a convivial networking event with open bar, “Perfect Mix”, which was hosted just as perfectly by Stuart Catering’s bartenders.

    Images © Trends/Roularta

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